We turned our hobby and passion for all things security related into this website. The hope was, there were enough people who could use this information and put it to good use

Thankfully we were right. Not only was there a demand for this kind of information but also came the inevitable questions about the equipment we talk about on in our posts and emails.

What started out as a resource of information for others to learn about security cameras , home alarm systems etc has also come with a growing reality of the time investment involved. So we had to ask ourselves, how do we keep the website going and produce quality content.

After some thought we decided to take on a few advertisers as well as provide links to other resources where you can purchase the products and equipment we write about.  We do get a small “affiliate commision” when you make a purchase but it does not affect the price you pay for an item.

Although we’d love to research every company or produce before including it on the sit, it’s not practical or possible to do. So with in mind along with being in compliance with government regulations.

Assume that any link you click while on our website and/or purchase products from 3rd party sites  , we are either A getting an affiliate commision or B getting paid is some way which may or may not influence our decision to put their link on our website. The idea is to fully disclose this information to everyone while keeping the right people happy.

Thanks for you understanding.