Avoid This Dummy Camera
At All Cost!! If You Know
It's Fake They Will Too!!


In today's tip we are going to describe an effective strategy to reduce the overall cost of a camera system as well as show how to spot a fake security cameras. A tight budget is the biggest reason people turn to the use of dummy cameras. You can save a few dollars by purchasing a cheap dummy camera like this, but in the long run they are a complete waste of money. They simply aren't realistic.

You've probably seen similar dummy cameras on the internet. They are made of cheap plastic, have a blinking red light and brag that they are motion activated. Believe it or not those features are supposed to be selling points! Instead those "selling points" are actually a dead giveaway to would be thieves. When seeing a moving camera a thief will test to see if it moves randomly or via motion.

Ever see the dancing Santa, or worse Billy Bass? Most real cameras don't have a blinking light. Before we install any dummy camera that does have a blinking light we disable it and recommend you do the same

 How To Spot A Dummy Camera Like A Pro

sherlock holmes silhouette
  • Most real cameras use 2 cables! One cable is for power and the other is for Video.Look for cables that don't seem to go anywhere. Some models have only a few inches of cable. Since the cable is short it can't be properly hidden inside the wall or ceiling.
  • The best dummy cameras imitate the look of a real security camera by incorporating as many characteristics of real security cameras as possible. These include a lens, metal housing and a video/power cable. Remember the more realistic it looks, the more it will cost to produce. This realism can dramatically decrease shoplifting. Expect to invest more of your budget for these realistic dummy cameras.
  • Cheap Dummy cameras don't include company logos or have printing on them. Look for printing on the side of the camera such as DSP Color Camera or CCD Camera. These terms are regularly used on real cameras. They describe the type of imager used in the camera. Higher production costs are the main reason it doesn't appear on cheap dummy cameras.

    Time To Save Some Money

There are 3 basic types of dummy cameras. They are dummy cameras designed to look real, camera housings that are capable of adding a real camera later and real cameras that aren't hooked up to a camera system.

When ever we have a customer with a tight budget we first design a system on paper showing all of the proposed camera locations. At this point we start to "replace" the real cameras with dummy one's until we fall into their budget guidelines. Because there is a "camera" wink wink at each location they get the benefit of a deterrent without the cost of a full blown system.

Look For Tomorrow's Tip - Which Dummy Camera Is The Most Effective